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My name is Whitney Knight, I am the owner and sole organizer of An Orderly Manner. I live in Argyle, TX with my husband, two sons, two dogs, two pigs, and a plethora of chicken and quail. I have been an air traffic controller for about twenty years in the United States Air Force and for the Federal Aviation Administration, and while I still love it, the last couple of years have made me think about what I really enjoy doing.

I have always loved organizing, making space for what is important, and putting simple systems in place. Over the years I have helped family and friends with organizing and decluttering and decided to start An Orderly Manner in the hopes of helping people, outside of my immediate circle, tackle spaces while doing what I enjoy. Whether it is a closet or an entire kitchen, I would be happy to help you get your home to a place that serves you and your family. It can make such a difference knowing where everything is and how much you have, saving time at the grocery store or looking for an item you know you have somewhere.

If you are interested in organizing a space but do not know where to start or do not have the time, I hope you will reach out and allow me to assist you. Hope to hear from you soon!

Whitney Knight - An Orderly Manner


Home organization is often one of the most overlooked areas of homeownership and productive lifestyles. We never realize how an unorganized environment can actually cause us even more stress. With an already busy lifestyle, it’s a no-brainer that the clutter grows without you ever really noticing. One of the best ways to avoid disorganization is to implement specific systems that actively work with your lifestyle. 

A professional organization specialist will help you pinpoint these specific arrangements and bring them to life. Our mission is to help you get your home back in order and project an environment of peace and enjoyment under one roof.

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